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Prudential says that one in six high earners can expect to see their child benefit payments reduced under new rules and an estimated 36,000 taxpayers could increase their pension savings to avoid the new tax.
One in four higher rate taxpayers do not contribute to a pension, according to Prudential, despite the attraction of tax relief.
Sole commercial property purchases in Sipps are a popular choice for advisers but the majority are failing to offer joint commercial property purchases, according to Suffolk Life.
The Association of Member-Directed Pension Schemes is demanding more effort to halt the promotion of UCIS (unregulated collective investments schemes) to the public.
Pension investors could pay more than 70 per cent in tax charges by including 'taxable property' in their Sipps and SSASs, according to Hornbuckle Mitchell.
Increased regulatory pressures from the RDR could herald a major shake-up in the Sipp market over the next two years. Rob Kingsbury reports on how the sector is getting ready for change.
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