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In his latest column for SSAS expert Martin Tilley looks at the polarisation threat to the SSAS market.

One of the many facets of a pension trustee's role is to use their discretion to decide who should benefit from a deceased member’s pension fund. 

I’ve just received a very optimistic-sounding email from HMRC entitled, "A happy new tax year starts here.”

The new tax year will bring in sweeping changes to the pension world. Due to the rushed nature of the upheaval surrounding the abolition of the lifetime allowance, we still have some areas of uncertainty as the deadline rapidly draws near.

In his latest column for SIPPs Professional, SSAS expert Martin Tilley looks at why the DWP may be damaging the SSAS sector with a lack of clarity on its £10,000 General Levy plan. 

In the immortal words of the legendary French singer Maurice Chevalier, “Ah yes, I remember it well.” In this case, the rather incorrect prediction of the death of annuities.

I will be celebrating 10 years at AJ Bell in a couple of months. When I joined, Pension Freedoms had just been announced and it was all hands on deck to prepare for the huge changes on the way.

The government must get its pension priorities right, as the lifetime allowance (LTGA) abolition draws nearer, writes James Jones-Tinsley of Barnett Waddingham.

In his latest column for SIPPs Professional, SSAS expert Martin Tilley looks at SSAS misundertanding (for professional advisers only).

The latest Finance Bill released in November gave us the first look at the transitional rules for those that have taken some pension benefits under the current regime but also have untouched funds that will be accessed after 6 April.

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