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More people would find it easier to explain the existence of ghosts and detail the offside rule than would be able to describe annuities and pensions.

The gap between the best and worst annuity rates is widening, according to new analysis.

The total UK 'at retirement' market has been forecast to more than triple in size in the next 10 years, with annuity sales still high despite taking a hit in 2014.

Annuity rates have had their first monthly rise since the bombshell Budget announcements, new figures have shown.
Partnership has announced that it will shed 100 jobs as part of cost cutting measures linked to the overhaul in the pensions system arising from the Budget.
The FCA has finalised its guidance to firms offering annuity comparisons online after a review found 92% of websites failed to be clear and fair.
Pension providers are not trusted to offer impartial guidance on retirement options, according to a new Which? survey.
The changing landscape in pensions created by the Government's overhaul of the system will form part of a wider probe into the  annuities market.
Increasing use of income drawdown following the Budget annuity changes could see 20% of pensioners exhausting their funds before they die, pension experts have warned.
Another major pensions company has predicted its annuity sales will plummet following the Budget.
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