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Firms are now obliged to inform consumers how much they could gain from shopping around for annuities under new rules which take effect this week.
The Canada Life Group has completed its acquisition of rival provider Retirement Advantage, a provider of annuities, equity release and other retirement products.
Nearly half of Pension Freedom users say they fear running out of cash in retirement, according to new consumer research from SIPP and platform provider AJ Bell.

The Financial Conduct Authority has identified a number of pension areas where ‘intervention’ may be necessary following the introduction of the pension freedoms in April 2015.
Advisers will be asked to tell clients that the annuity they are being recommended may not produce the best annual income if the firm lacks details of all market rates.
The former Pensions Minister has attacked the Government's decision to abandon a “potential lifesaver” for thousands of people.
Annuities may become the most popular option for retirees if Britain exits the European Union in June, the founder of eValue believes.
Annuities may have become somewhat downtrodden with doom and gloom predictions since the pension reforms kicked in but new research suggests the younger generation are willing to give them a fair hearing.
The ABI says that sales of annuities have risen in recent months, according to its latest pension report published one year after the Pension Freedoms.
The returns people receive when selling their annuities are likely to be “very poor”, the managing director of a pensions firm has warned, after reforms were confirmed this week.
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