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As many as 630,000 self-employed people in the UK could be relying upon their business to act as their pension rather than saving, research has suggested.
An ex-Pensions Minister has blasted Theresa May’s new Government for effectively relegating pensions to the second tier.
Consumers choosing income drawdown without using a regulated adviser are to come under the regulatory spotlight.
A so-called post-Brexit ‘punishment Budget’ which could have implications for pensions may only have been delayed rather than scrapped, a Sipp firm’s senior analyst has warned.
Pension tax relief could be an “early casualty” of the UK’s decision to vote to leave the EU, a leading analyst believes.
In the lead up to the Spring budget there was a fair amount of speculation about what major (negative) changes were going to be made to pensions.
Sipp provider @SIPP says there has been a 70% increase in new business for sales in the first quarter of 2016 compared to 2015.
Retirees who entered drawdown in 2015 could face "a decade of lost income" if volatile market conditions continue as they have been, a pensions firm has warned.
Annuities may become the most popular option for retirees if Britain exits the European Union in June, the founder of eValue believes.
More than a third of accountants plan to fund some or all of their retirement using property wealth, a survey suggests.
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