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Four in ten (43%) financial advisers consider sustainable investments when building retirement portfolios, according to new research.

One in five (19%) of divorcees will be significantly financially worse off in retirement because of a divorce, according to a new report.

Three quarters (73%) of UK adults have done little or no planning for their retirement finances, according to a new report.

Almost three quarters (72%) of UK adults have never completed an expression of wish form for their pension.

Entrepreneurs are more likely to choose to invest in property rather than a pension, according to new research.

The Spring Statement ignores the needs of the elderly and will lead to a rise in pensioner poverty, according to Baroness Ros Altmann.

Inheritance tax planning is a major driver for 58 to 75 year olds seeking regulated financial advice.

Despite almost half (48%) of retirees worried about running out of money in retirement, three quarters (78%) have not sought professional financial advice, according to new research.

Just four in ten retirement savers are on track to achieve the moderate level of income highlighted by the PLSA retirement income standards, according to a new report.

Over 9 in 10 (92%) high-net-worth consumers underestimate how much money they need for a comfortable retirement, according to new research.

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