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A quarter of people planning to retire this year are not ready to stop work, research indicates.
The rising cost of living has added the equivalent of an extra month of bills per year for people close to retirement, research has shown.
A fifth of people aged 65 and over have borrowed money or expect to do so to pay their retirement, research indicates.
About half of adults are 'misguidedly' relying on their state pension to get them through retirement, a poll suggests.
The Financial Planning industry must do a better job of explaining the importance of pensions to the general public, a retirement planning expert says.
A financial shock is awaiting many women when they pack up work, with annual incomes £8,000 beneath what they believe will give them a comfortable life, a study indicates.
Spouses are keeping secret debts worth an average of £7,800 from their other halves and potentially risking their comfort in retirement, a study shows.
Hargreaves Lansdown, the Sipp, investment and advice provider, has urged Chancellor George to use his autumn statement on Thursday to tackle systemic failures in converting pension pots into retirement income.
Only one in five women save any of their monthly income for retirement, according to research by online stockbroker TD Direct Investing for British Savings Week.
Significant numbers of UK workers says that they expect never to be able to afford to retire fully and these individuals may form the beginning of an unretired generation.
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