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The time has come for a 'pensions passport' to be made a reality, according to leading figures in the industry who have come out in favour of the idea.

A levy on regulated financial services firms will pay for the Government's pledge of free, impartial retirement guidance, the Treasury confirmed this morning.

The FCA has today sent a damning letter to all Sipp operators telling them there are still widespread failings which put consumers' pension savings at "considerable risk".

There are over one million millionaire retired households in the UK, new analysis has shown.
Automatic enrolment could more than double the numbers saving in DC schemes by 2030, according to the Pensions Policy Institute.
The invention of a time machine may be essential for babies born today to secure a comfortable retirement.
The FCA has finalised its guidance to firms offering annuity comparisons online after a review found 92% of websites failed to be clear and fair.
The pensions industry should avoid "blindly following" systems used overseas as it undergoes a major shake up following the Budget reforms, an expert warns.
Barnett Waddingham has reported that employers are increasingly coming to the firm seeking pension advice for senior members of staff.
Pensions campaigner Dr Ros Altmann wants to see a 'National Retirement Guidance Network' created.
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